Hunting Land Specialist

Looking for recreational land in the Midwest? Let RAM connect you with your next outdoor adventure. Make It the Season of a Lifetime!

Are you a trophy hunter, hunt club or outfitter who is looking for premium hunting land? Or are you a Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota resident in need of prime, local tracks to hunt? Either way, RAM Adventures can match you and your group with perfect hunting leases, form your own hunt club and reap the rewards.

When you’re tired of trying to get access to private property… when you don’t want to buy a track for yourself… when outfitters get way too expensive… hunting leases (including deer leases) are the way to go.


RAM Adventures has been developing an extensive collection of hunting leases since 1996. We gain access to the best locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota and then match the needs of you and your club with the hunting leases in our database.

By completing our quick Sportsman Profile, we know exactly what you and your group/club are looking for. We then coordinate with landowners to arrange hunting leases on your behalf. Hunt for bear, waterfowl, pheasant, and upland birds or arrange for specific deer leases.

You get the hunt of a lifetime without spending all your time tracking down prime property that hasn't’t been depleted.

Deer Leases for Whitetail Enthusiasts

You’ll be impressed with the deer leases available to you through RAM Adventures! You can choose deer leases from a wide selection of quality hunting properties where trophy Whitetail can be harvested. Use our Sportsman Profile to create your hunting wish list, and we’ll quickly get back to you with the deer leases that meet your needs.

See the Property Before You Lease


We know that seeing is believing. Once your group has registered you are provided an online listing of property. You will be able to view air photo's, 3D satellite images, topo's, & pictures of properties. Then we make arrangements for you to visit the property you’re considering before you commit to any hunting leases. (click image to enlarge)



I want to use RAM's services what is the Next Step?

  • Start by completing the Sportsman Profile. This gives us the criteria you want the land to meet.
  • Next your group/club must register. (Registration is required by all groups before listings will be sent or visits to properties
    will be scheduled.)
  • Once registration is complete you can view a listings of available property. From this list you can view online additional information about the properties including maps, air photos, and property specifics.
  • When we find property you’re interested in, we’ll schedule a time for you and your group to make a visit. If you like it, we send you the lease right away.

Our goal is to make sure the hunting leases you arrange through RAM Adventures lead to an exciting and memorable season. Complete our Sportsman Profile today, and let the fun begin!



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